Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.5 (February)
1. Sejong General Hospital opened its office in Chicago
On January 5th, Sejong General Hospital established SJ Medical Inc. in Chicago, IL as means to initiate attracting US patients. SGH, actively marketing Korean-Americans in Seattle, plans to advance in East region of the USA through Chicago office. With active operation of Chicago office, SGH expects the opportunity to engage comprehensive marketing activities from East to West of the USA. SGH, with reasonable medical fee compared to that of the USA and similar medical quality to advanced nations, anticipates inflow of Korean-American and US patients.
2. Relocate Pediatric Department and Pediatric Heart Clinic next to each other
SGH relocated its Pediatric Department and Pediatric Heart Clinic to 1st floor and opened innovative and renovated treatment center. By gathering two departments that were apart from each other in one place, SGH is able to provide safe, convenient and superb treatments to pediatric patients. In order to intrigue the interests of pediatric patients, orange and yellowish green sofa were placed and by designing overall interior and lights with charming feels, unfriendly traditional hospital atmosphere were eliminated. With the renovation of new treatment center that meets the expectation of pediatric patients, SGH is to approach children with friendly image rather than fear.
3. Through the MOU between Sejong General Hospital and JK Plastic Surgery Center, actively drive inflow of foreign patients
Sejong General Hospital, the only cardiovascular specialty center of Korea, and JK Plastic Surgery Center (http://english.jkplastic.com), the leading plastic surgery center of Korea, signed MOU on January 14th to conduct domestic and international joint marketing activities. With the MOU in place, two distinguished hospitals are to work together in international marketing, information exchange, conducting international events jointly, developing global network and inducing foreign patients. This MOU is noteworthy as Sejong General Hospital which is being recognized as leading cardiovascular center in Russia region and JK Plastic Surgery Center which is being recognized as leading plastic surgery center in China and Southeast Asia are initiating to engage joint marketing activities that expects the greater synergy effects of joint collaboration. As two hospitals are actively engaging joint marketing activities, they are expecting to expand their international market to other Southeast Asia including Vietnam beside stronger influence over China and Russia.
4. First beneficiary of Medical Sharing Project of Korea, Volodkin Danila, receives free heart surgery at Sejong General Hospital
In order to promote the healthcare quality of Korea, the Ministry of Health and Welfare planned “Medical Sharing Project of Korea” where Sejong General Hospital participated in. “Medical Sharing Project of Korea” is to provide free surgery for children that government is providing flight and accommodations for a patient and guidance whereas private healthcare providers are providing medical fee by giving out free surgery.
The first beneficiary of this program is Volodkin Danila who is 6 years old boy from Khabarovsk, Russia. Volodkin Danila with CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) and VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) was having hard time receiving treatments due to lack of hospital infrastructure nearby and preparing medical fee. Volodkin Danila returned with full recovery to his hometown after successful surgery on January 26th at Sejong General Hospital. The story of Volodkin Danila was taped by RTP which is a mass medical company in Russia and is expected to be broadcasted all over Russia in coming March.
Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.6 (April)
1. Successful adjourn of‘3-day Seminar’focusing on diagnosis and treatment of CHD
Sejong General Hospital has successfully adjourned ‘3-day seminar on CHD’ targeting 45 health professionals seeking to learn more about congenital heart disease for 3 days from February 17th to 19th at Daekyo HRD Center in Si-heung City of Gyeonggi Province. The seminar, hosted by Sejong General Hospital, managed by the Korean Society of Pathology and sponsored by the Heart Institute of Seoul National University, was intended to increase the diagnosis accuracy and surgery success rate of CHD by observing autopsy heart and discussing clinical cases.
2. SJH-SK Nights agreement on ‘Making a World with no Heart Disease’
SGH relocated its Pediatric Department and Pediatric Heart On February 26th, Sejong General Hospital and SK Nights, a professional basketball team, made an agreement on ‘making a world with no heart disease’ during SK Nights vs Dongbu Promy game at Jamsil Student Gymnasium where SK donated $15,000 to SJH. With the agreement, both SJH and SK Nights are to search children who cannot enjoy basketball or be a basketball player due to heart disease and provide free surgery.
3. Winner of U-Health System of Gyeonggi Province
Sejong General Hospital obtained ‘U-Health System’ business implemented by Gyeonggi Province on March 16th. ‘U-Health System’ is a reference system for visited foreign patients who received care at hospitals located in Gyeonggi Province to safely and conveniently receive aftercare at hospitals of their home country. By obtaining this business, Sejong General Hospital expects to secure in attracting foreign patients to Gyeonggi Province and provide aftercare service.
4. Sejong General Hospital, designated as Regional Emergency Medical Center
Sejong General Hospital, the only designated heart specialty hospital of Korea, was designated as regional Emergency Medical Center as of April 1st. With this, minor to advanced emergency patients in Gyeonggi Province are possible to receive quality medical service in timely manner. Since the opening in 1982, Sejong General Hospital, with 24 hour standby clinician, was recognized and equipped to deal with emergency patients to receive a procedure or surgery upon arrival to hospital. Board President Jung of SJH showed here aspiration to “put its best efforts in providing quality medical service to minor and advanced emergency patents by proactively utilizing the know-how of advanced heart and circulation disease specialty general hospital” as “the designation of regional emergency medical center gives the opportunity for SJH to protect lives of patients by providing quality medical service in timely manner expanding from local to other areas.”
5. SJH participates in ‘Health Consultation Video Conference at Subway Station’by Gyeonggi Province
On April 9th, President Roh of SJH consulted on heart disease and high blood pressure at “Health Consultation Video Conference at Subway Station” organized by Gyeonggi Province. 70 yr old male patient with discomforting heart problem received the consultation and was very satisfied with the detailed and quality consultation. From SJH, President Young Moo Roh, Dr. Jinsik Park, and Dr. Taegu Cho are anticipated to participate in. From April 1st, Gyeonggi Province is providing video conference for health consultation at “Minwon Center of Gyeonggi Province” located in Suwon Station and “Citizen’s Room” at Uijeongbu Station 5 times from Tuesday to Saturday, 2 hours each per day from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Health Consultation Video Conference of Gyeonggi Province is participated by specialists of 8 major hospitals in Gyeonggi Province including Sejong General Hospital, Seoul National University BundangHospital, Ajou University Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital, Myongji Hospital, The Leon Wiltse Memorial Hospital, and Gyonggi Provincial Medical Center.
6. Russia•Kazakhstan Medical Professionals,‘Learn Sejong General Hospital’
Sejong General Hospital actively receives the visits of medical professionals of Russia and Kazakhstan. On April 5th, 2 medical professionals of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery of Khabarovsk visited Sejong General Hospital for medical technology and hospital system training. 2 Russian clinicians are anticipated to have 8 weeks training periods. On April 12th, 8 medical professional of Kazakhstan participated in familiarization tour. They toured major wards and facilities of hospital and especially showed great interests in AUNURI, an EMR System of SJH. As means to continually build up medical cooperative relationship, they presented a traditional handicraft to Chairman Young Kwan Park of SJH.
Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.7 (June 2011)
1. Sejong General Hospital held ‘One Heart Climbing Rally’ for all employees
On May 19th, Sejong General Hospital held ‘One Heart Climbing Rally’ in order to promote harmony and amity among its employees. In this climbing rally, each department staff of treatment, nurse, administrative and officers including Board President Joung have participated in and climbed Sorae Mountain. Board President Joung expressed her wishes to take this opportunity to further tighten Sejong Family together as the original purpose of this rally was to “Be One Sejong by Climbing.” After the rally, Board President Joung spent time to gather various opinions of employees to further enhance SJH over lunch.
2. Sejong General Hospital engaged JCI Mock Survey from May 23rd to 27th
JCI Mock Survey at Sejong General Hospital, engaged from May 23rd to 27th, was successfully concluded. In assisting Sejong General Hospital to obtain JCI accreditation, three JCI consultants (Tracy Gordy, Linda L. Faber, and Hyenok Do) visited SJH. For 5 days, those three consultants have thoroughly inspected overall functions of Sejong General Hospital including treatment, administrative and facilities and advised on necessary preparation needed to obtain JCI accreditation. SJH is determined to enhance all of recommended points in this survey and to further obtain JCI accreditation during JCI Accreditation Survey which is scheduled in coming November.
3. Brown Eyed Girls visited SJH to comfort Chinese pediatric patients with heart surgery
On May 19th, ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ , a K-pop girl’s group, visited Sejong General Hospital to comfort Chinese pediatric patients who received free heart surgery. Those children who received heart surgery at this time are 6 Chinese children invited by Lions Clubs International to Korea. Brown Eyed Girls has put their efforts to deliver comfort and hope by constantly visiting them from Korea entry, admission and surgery at SJH. Brown Eyed Girls, overwhelmingly impressed with continued activities of SJH in providing free heart surgery by inviting deprived foreign children with heart disease since 1989, has expressed to be actively involved in supporting deprived children with heart disease when opportunity comes.
4. SJH – SK Wyverns presented ‘Greatest Love’ for heart patients
On June 4th, SJH held “Sejong Heart Day” jointly with SK Wyverns, a Korean professional baseball team. Sejong Heart Day is a special day to provide free heart surgery for deprived patients by matching the number of homerun over ‘Heart Zone’ by SK Wyverns promoted by SJH, the only heart specialty hospital of Korea, and SK Wyverns since 2009 Season. Prior to the main game ‘Love Share’ event of Kwang Hyun Kim, the Ace of SK Wyverns took place. This event is an “Ace of Love” program to accumulate $100 per strike-out to support deprived heart patient. Last season, Kwang Hyun Kim scored 183 strike-outs that he delivered $18,300 to SJH. Competing KIA Tigers, SK Wyverns was able to present one more free heart surgery to deprived heart patient as Jung Choi hit a homerun over ‘Heart Zone’ in the second half of 5thinning. 11 homerun over ‘Heart Zone’ was counted for last season and 7 heart patients received free heart surgery and with adding one more homerun, 5 patients are to receive the benefit of free surgery.
5. Sejong General Hospital provided health consultation at Minwon Subway Train of Gyeonggi-do
On June 5th, Dr. Jinsik Park of SJH participated in ‘Health Consultation’ at Minwon Subway Train operated by Gyeonggi Province to provide medical consultation and treatment to train users with overwhelming responses. Minwon Subway Train, interconnecting Sungbuk and Seo-Dong Tan, has capacity of employment consultation, administration consultation, and general government documents, and among them, ‘Health Consultation’ is especially popular among elders. Dr. Park has expressed that it is “worthwhile to provide health consultation to those individuals having hard time visiting hospitals due to busy daily life” and “hope them to reconsider their health as they were briefly treated at Minwon Subway Train.”
6. Successful adjourn of ‘1st Sejong Cardiovascular Training for Primary Physicians’
Sejong General Hospital hosted ‘1st Sejong Cardiovascular training for Primary Physicians’ at Sejong Hall located in 7th floor of Sejong General Hospital targeting 30 primary physicians from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Saturday the June 11th. This training was designed to discuss the few cases at SJH referred by primary physicians until now and better understand latest treatment methods of heart diseases. This training, targeted 30 primary physicians, was highly satisfied with the possibility of active discussions and Q&A among speaker and participants. Dr. Young Moo Ro, President of SJH, has expressed “in order to provide practical assistance to front-line primary physicians in setting up their own treatment standards, various cardiovascular cases and knowledge were composed as mini-lecture” that “next training is anticipated to provide satisfactory lecture by proactively reflect topics requested by primary physicians.”
Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.8 (August 2011)
1. Participate in ‘International Healthcare Business Explanatory Meeting at Vladivostok, Russia”
On June 30th, Sejong General Hospital has participated in ‘International Healthcare Business Explanatory Meeting at Vladivostok, Russia.” At the meeting, which was hosted by Gyeonggi Province and managed by Gyeonggi International Medical Association (GIMA) and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, total 10 hospitals including Sejong General Hospital participated such as Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Soon Chun Hyang University Bucheon Hospital, Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent’s Hospital, and Myongji Hospital and received great responses from local governments, agencies and insurance companies.
Through the meeting, Sejong General Hospital has proactively promoted the advanced qualitymedical skills, specialized care sectors, and medical examination programs. After the business explanatory meeting, many inquiries on SJH were followed by participants and made business collaborative agreements with many new interested agencies. SJH is to continually develop international healthcare infrastructure by participating in medical business explanatory meetings abroad.
2. Presenting ‘Clean Operating Room’ based on International Standard
On July 7th, Sejong General Hospital is fully equipped with “Clean Operating Room’ based on International Standard. For past 9 months, SJH spent $3 million to develop positive pressure system in all operating rooms to avoid contaminated air within the operating rooms and made comprehensive advancement of environment of inventory storage area. SJH is capable of engaging surgical operation in operating room of near asepsis and to provide better care service and fast recovery of patients.
3. Selected as the best hospital for ‘Coronary Artery Bypass Graft’ in Korea
On July 9th, Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service announced the best hospital for CABG which is one of emergency heart surgery. After reviewing 77 general hospitals in Korea, Sejong General Hospital was selected as the best hospital for CABG. SJH was the only private hospital other than university hospitals to receive level 1 in emergency heart care and reconfirmed the reputation of heart specialty hospital of Korea for past 29 years.
4. For community citizens, provide consultation on adult vaccination and streptococcus pneumonia vaccination
For two days from July 25th to 26th, Division of Infectious Diseases of SJH provided consultation on necessary basic adult vaccination for community citizens and promoted must take vaccinations to travel abroad at 1st floor lobby. AS to prepare vacation season and with increased number of international travellers, many visited to learn and take necessary vaccination before travelling abroad. Along with the consultation on vaccination, SJH also provided streptococcus pneumonia vaccination. Through this community awareness event of Division of Infectious Diseases, community citizens were acknowledged the risk factors of streptococcus pneumonia diseases and proactivelyparticipated in this vaccination event.
Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.9 (October 2011)
1. Sejong General Hospital, form a joint clinic in the Republic of Kazakhstan as the first medical institution of Korea
In the heart of Kazakhstan, a transcontinental country in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and ranking as the largest country in Central Asia and the ninth largest (the largest inland) country in the world, Sejong General Hospital has accomplished to export its brand as the heart specialty hospital of Korea.

Jointly with Arlan & Net Systems, SJH signed an agreement to establish “Sejong-Eurasia Clinic”, 100 wards heart specialty clinic in Almaty City of the Republic of Kazakhstan and held signing ceremony at the Situation Room of Gyeonggi Province on August 30th.
SJH is to provide overall consulting associated with the establishment of “Sejong-Eurasia Clinic” whereas Arlan & Net Systems of Kazakhstan is to provide overall costs associated with the establishment of joint clinic. “Sejong-Eurasia Clinic” is the first overseas clinic of Korean hospital, being established in Kazakhstan without any capital investment but only with medical technology and brand.
2. Won Heum Shim, the Famous Heart Specialist of Severance Hospital, joined SJH as Director of Sejong Medical Research Institute
On September 1st, 2011, the 29th founding anniversary, Sejong General Hospital appointed Professor Won Heum Shim, known for best aorta and peripheral vascular specialist in Korea, as Director of Sejong Medical Research Institute. Professor Won Heum Shim, who moved from Severance Hospital to SJH, is to focus on various clinical trials and basic research activities and to see patients at the CV Internal Medicine.
Dr. Shim is the first generation cardiovascular specialist of Korea that Dr. Shim has greatly contributed inception of Severance Cardiovascular Center as the specialized clinic in 1991.
He has been recognized as the best aorta and peripheral vascular specialist in Korea to receive patients nationally and known for many “first” in Korea as he was the first to inserted iliac artery stent in 1991, inserted stent-graft for aortic dissection patient in 1994 and carotid stenosis in 1995. Also he opened a new frontier of aorta and peripheral vascular by providing integrating treatments of Thoracic aortic dissection and thoracic aortic aneurysm.
Sejong General Hospital anticipates in elevating as global heart specialty hospital as Dr. Shim takes in charge of Sejong Medical Research Institute.
3. SJH-MW, agreed to support CV pediatric patients of multicultural
Sejong General Hospital made an agreement with Ministry of Health and Welfare (MW) of Korea to conduct “Children’s New Breath with Love and Hope” project at the office of Ministry office of MW on September 16th, 2011. With this agreement, SJH and MW are to conduct “Children’s New Breath with Love and Hope” campaign in selecting and treating CV pediatric patients among multicultural families. Furthermore, both SJH and MW are contemplated to promote various activities expanding international sharing culture through various embassies located in Korea.
4. SJH accelerates inducing patients from Kazakhstan
Sejong General Hospital is participating as the affiliating hospital of Gyeonggi Global Medical Business Center (GMBC) opened in Almaty of Kazakhstan on September 30th, 2011 as to actively induce foreign patients. GMBC is to function as point of contact and bridge Gyeonggi Providence and Kazakhstan as to provide consulting to Kazakhstan patients and local medical device imports.
Sejong General Hospital was designated as the exporting hospital for patients supported by Kazakhstan government. Exporting Hospital with Kazakhstan Government Support is a hospital located outside of Kazakhstan providing complex treatments that are not possible within Kazakhstan. Health Ministry of Kazakhstan is sending patients with full support to designated Exporting Hospital through ‘Salamatty Kazakstan (Healthier Kazakhstan)’ program.
SJH expects to receive massive patients from Kazakhstan being designated as GMBC affiliating hospital and Exporting Hospital with Kazakhstan Government Support.
5. Sejong General Hospital! Reaching 1,000 Charity Heart Surgeries for Foreign Children
Sejong General Hospital held Sejong Supporting Night, showing grace to its supporters, at Sejong Hall located in 7th floor of SJH on October 7th, 2011 celebrating SJH reaching 1,000 charity heart surgeries for foreign children. For the event called “with love and with hope”, 40 sponsoring organizations supporting SJH providing 1,000 charity heart surgeries were invited and shared overall activities with recognition awards.
In this event, the first charity heart surgery receiver, Ms. SuWoel Kang (27, F) in 1989 and thed 1,000th charity heart surgery
receiver, Nguyen Thi Phuc, on September 29th, 2011 were participated and gave insightful feeling to participants. Chairman Young Kwan Park of SJH showed his graceful feelings by stating “the medical sharing activities that initiated with sympathy for foreign heart disease children not able to receive prompt treatment due to expensive medical fee, and outdated medical facilities and lack of medical skills resulted in saving 1,000 lives of foreign children” that “most graceful for sponsors like Full Gospel Church, Save the Children Foundation, Korea Heart Foundation, and individuals supporters that made possible to give new lives for children in 23 nations for 22 years.”
Bimonthly News of SJH Vol.10 ( December 2011)
1. Sejong General Hospital, successful adjourn of ‘2011 Sejong CV Symposium’
Sejong General Hospital has hosted its “2011 Sejong CV Symposium” on October 22nd from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm at the Grand Ballroom of Mayfield Hotel & Resort in Korea.

The annual symposium, which is the 2nd this year, has extensively discussed the overall experience and progress in TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) procedures and the latest trends followed by 2010. Especially, various methods of procedures including Hybrid were discussed through Live Demonstration and presented integrating treatments of Peripheral Vascular Disease that received overwhelming remarks by over 300 medical professionals.
2. Sejong General Hospital-Korean Pediatric Heart Association, successful adjourn of “14th Update in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology”
“The 14th Update in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology” Seminar hosted by Korean Pediatric Association and managed by the SJH Department of Surgery and Department of Pediatric was held at the Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel on October 29th.

At the 14th CHD seminar, latest information on various heart valve disease of CHD were shared with active discussion that received overwhelming remarks by 200 pediatric heart specialists.
3. International Patient Wards, selected by Good Design
International Patient Wards of SJH located in 7th floor was selected as the 2011 Good Design. ‘Good Design’ which is hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and managed by Korea Institute of Design Promotion, is Korea’s best design awards since 1986.

International Patient Wards were evaluated comprehensively in exterior, function, material, economical, etc. and recognized the outstanding design competitiveness. Good Design mark is to be posted at the International Patient Wards.
4. Sejong General Hospital, providing skincare massage service for foreign patients
Sejong General Hospital is providing complementary skincare massage service for foreign patients which is greatly received. The skincare service valued over $1,000 US is provided to foreign patients including accompanying family members. Besides skincare service, Sejong General Hospital is to further expand the service including nail care service, whole body massage service, etc.
5. Free distribution of U-Health System to foreign health institutions and agencies
Sejong General Hospital is currently having an event to freely distribute U-Health System, developed jointly with Gyeonggi Province, to foreign health institutions and agencies. U-Health System is a refer system for foreign health institutions or agencies to conveniently use well recognized hospitals in Gyeonggi Province.

By installing the program, foreign hospitals and health institutions are to request patient, confirm medical records, and share special conditions. With this system, patients who received treatments in Gyeonggi Province can have follow ups at hospitals at home country.

Those foreign health institutions and agencies who would like to install the U-Health System can contact Sejong General Hospital or via email to receive the program free.

- Homepage: http://www.egmbc.com
- Phone: +82-32-340-1806
6. Sejong General Hospital, now a JCI accredited hospital, is recognized as heart specialty hospital with international standards
With 2 years of preparation, Sejong General Hospital has achieved JCI Accreditation without any delay in November 2011.

JCI Accreditation is accredited by the Joint Commission International, the international arm of the WHO that reviews and accredits hospitals worldwide. JCI accredits hospital worldwide by assessing the overall procedures of patients entering hospital to discharging. It’s such a meaningful honor for the Sejong General Hospital of heart specialty as the assessment covered the overall treatments of SJH including internal medicine, pediatrics, endocrinology, orthopedics, and gynecology besides cardiovascular related. SJH, prior to JCI accreditation, has once again selected and designated as “heart specialty hospital” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and recognized once again as the heart specialty center of Korea. By meeting the complicated standards of JCI and MW, SJH is now the Korea’s representing “Heart General Hospital”.

The most beneficiary as SJH obtaining JCI accreditation is the foreign patients visiting SJH. Patients are guaranteed to receive similar level of services in America’s top hospitals and also provide objective standards in selecting heart hospital in Korea for foreign patients visiting Korea for a treatment. With the JCI accreditation, SJH contemplates to proactively market global patients in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and the USA.


News of SJH Vol.11 ( March 2012 )
1. SJH, proactively utilize the transfusion alternatives when in surgery
Sejong General Hospital is to proactively maximize the ratio of utilizing autologous transfusion rather than blood transfusion for surgery. This is to overcome the problem of yearly repeated shortage of blood inventory by Red Cross and to provide recently demanded care of transfusion alternatives (bloodless surgery) by domestic and international patients. Stable surgery is possible at SJH now for domestic patients concerning blood transfusion side effects as well as some international patients refusing blood transfusion. SJH opened its Bloodless Transfusion Center in 1986 as the first center in Korea and has performed transfusion alternatives (bloodless transfusion) for a longest period with stability that SJH now contains rich know-how of care with transfusion alternatives.
* Contact: Bloodless Transfusion Center of SJH: 032-3401-671
2. SJH signs direct medical expenses with global insurance company, CIGNA on Jan 31
SGH relocated its Pediatric Department and Pediatric Heart On January 31st, 11 domestic medical institutions of Korea including Sejong General Hospital signed direct medical expenses agreement with global insurance company, Cigna International Corporation. With this agreement, 48 million global customers of CIGNA are to access primary healthcare service of Korea that received spotlights domestically and internationally. CIGNA (NYSE: CI), a global health service company and the fourth-largest health insurer in the US market based on enrollment, is headquartered in Philadelphia, USA with 220 years of history. Cigna has 66 million customer relationships in 29 countries. When CIGNA customers receive care in Korea, their medical expenses will be covered via insurance whereas hospitals are secured with medical payments with simplified payment procedures and paper works that foreign patients are expected to receive more stable care.
3. Successful adjourn of “ECHO Seminar” for primary physicians in Gyeonggi area
Sejong General Hospital jointly with GSK, multinational pharmaceutical company, hosted “Echocardiogram Seminar” on February 1st participated by 30 primary physicians in Gyeonggi area. This seminar was organized to provide practical assistance in determining care methods for patients for primary physicians in Gyeonggi area. Lectures were conducted by Dr. Dalsoo Im, Dr. Sookjin Lee and Dr. InHyun Jung of Internal Medicine covering basics of ECHO, ischemic heart disease and diagnosis and assessment of heart valve disorder. For those physicians seeking to learn practical diagnosis, follow up lectures were provided on February 8th on practical ECHO diagnosis.
4. First beneficiary of Medical Sharing of Chungbuk area, receives care at SJH
Hence the business collaborative agreement to expand the medical sharing culture made on December 2nd, 2011 with Chungchungbuk Province and Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare (KHRDI), first beneficiary was chosen. Ms. Sungmin Song, becoming 5th grade this year, is the one. On December 22nd, SJH and KHRDI provide pro bono heart checkup for 80 residents of Chungwon, Chungcheungbuk Province, and Atrial Septal Defect which is part of Congenital Heart Disease was found on Ms. Song when received the checkup. Ms. Song was hospitalized at SJH on January 31st and received heart treatment for 3 hours by Dr. WooSup Shim of Pediatric Department and discharged upon recovery. Ms. Miran Lee, mother of Ms. Song gracefully greeted to “Sejong General Hospital, Chungchungbuk Province and KHRDI in giving a new health to her daughter” that she is glad her daughter is the first beneficiary and is to proactively promote the program to her friends.
5. SJH-SK Knights, hold “Sejong Heart Day” for heart patients
With SK Knights, a professional basketball team, Sejong General Hospital held “Sejong Heart Day” event on February 4th during the home play game of SK Knights at Jamsil Student Gymnasium. “Sejong Heart Day” is an event that contented for 3 years with SK Knights where SJH provide pro bono heart surgery for every 10 points over 60 by SK Knights. SK Knights scored 72 points to support 2 heart patients. Also, SK Knights donated $15,000 to SJH to search and treat heart patients. SJH is to utilize total $30,000 fund supported by SK Knights to search and treat heart patients.
6. SJH holds ‘Agency Award’ targeting outstanding foreign agency sending foreign patients
On February 15th, SJH presented ‘Agency Award’ to Mr. Vasilev Andrey who sent out most foreign patients to SJH during the 2nd half of 2011 among many agencies contracted with SJH. SJH provided round trip air ticket, SJH Health Checkup Coupon and VIP Wards Experience Coupon as well as tour of major tourist attraction in Gyeonggi Province. Board President Jung of SJH stated, “The Agency Award was designed to show its appreciation to foreign agencies introducing medical services of SJH in many foreign locations” that “the event is to further develop to help building up better relationship with foreign agencies.”
7. Successful adjourn of ‘3-day seminar’ focusing on diagnosis and treatment of CHD
Sejong General Hospital has successfully adjourned ‘3-day seminar on CHD’ to learn more about congenital heart disease from February 16th to 18th The core elements of 17th year seminar initiated in 1995 is to educate health professionals with actual autopsy heart of CHD patients. By comparing normal heart with heart with CHD through autopsy heart, the seminar provides comprehensive and clear understanding. Leading physicians of Korea are participating as lecturer to fostering future medical leaders that over 600 medical professionals were educated in this seminar. Dr. Yangmin Kim, Chief Radiologist of SJH, stated that “3-day seminar is the only seminar in Korea and overseas providing comprehensive, direct and systematic approach of surgery methods, diagnosis and structure of heart with congenital heart disease.” The 3-day Seminar, hosted by Sejong General Hospital, managed by the Korean Society of Pathology and sponsored by the Heart Institute of Seoul National University, was intended to increase the diagnosis accuracy and surgery success rate of CHD by observing autopsy heart and discussing clinical cases.
8. Chinese Tourism Representative, rate “SJH medical examination as satisfactory”
Targeting Chinese medical tourism market as quality medical programs, Gyeonggi Province has invited major 11 tourism company representatives from February 15th to 18th for familiarization tour of programs. On February 16th, those 11 company representatives visited Sejong General Hospital, conducted hospital tour and familiarize with various examination programs and self-experience the quality medical examination program. One of the tourism company representatives who received the medical examination stated, “it is very attractive to receive high quality medical examination within 3 hours and very satisfactory with facility and protocol,” that “many will show interests when introduce the programs to VIP tourists visiting Korea from China.”
News of SJH Vol.12 ( May 2012 )
1. Sejong Heart Institute adds strengthens by recruiting heart specialists
Sejong Heart Institute grows stronger by recruiting quality heart specialists. From March 1st, total 5 heart specialists joined Sejong General Hospital that 3 (Drs Yongjin Choi, Hojune Chang, and Jesang Kim) in cardiology and 2 (Drs Sungho Kim, and Sohik Chang) in Pediatric. Including newly recruited heart specialists, Sejong Heart Institute now consists of total 26 heart specialists. As heart centers based in University hospital hold average 7~10 heart specialist that number of specialist at SJH exceeds comparably. SJH, as recruiting quality medical workforce with skills and character, is to be “the best cardiovascular center in Asia.”
2. Sejong General Hospital – Salvation Army of Korea hold hands together to aid foreign children with CHD
Sejong General Hospital and Salvation Army Korea share common goal of supporting to treat foreign children with CHD and made a collaborative agreement on March 9th. With the agreements, two institutions are expected to provide love for humanity by searching foreign children with CHD who are not receiving care with economical reasoning and providing a care needed. In this year alone, two institutions are agreed to initially support and provide care of 10 Chinese children and 7 Cambodian children with CHD and to continually extend the search of needy.
3. Dreaming nurse by working as “Sejong Supporters”
Sejong General Hospital presented scholarship to Eeseol Kim (19 yr, admitted to Hanseo University School of Nursing) and Ha-eun Lee (19 yr, Kyunghee University School of Nursing) whom have been actively participated in “Sejong Supporters” since 2009. Both students participated in Sejong Supporters program of Sejong General Hospital engaged in as volunteer, CPR training and meeting with medical workforce during school vacations and nurtured a dream of becoming a nurse. Board President Ranhee Jung of SJH stated, “I am happy to the fact that Sejong Supporters program has played a major role of those students becoming a nurse,” that “I will develop various programs for many other students to dream to be medical professionals through Sejong Supporters.”
4. Proactive exciting cultural festival to energize employees
Sejong General Hospital holds cultural festival for employees as a means to make exciting corporate culture in 2012. Events like “serenade“ by crossover singer Junghoon Woo and “visit concert” by philharmonic quartet were well received by employees. Kyungwon Moon, VP for administration of SJH conveyed “to organize special events, cultural activities and travel for all employees to work happily with self-esteem.
5. Sejong Heart Institute, selected as “Interventional Cardiology designated center”
Sejong Heart Institute was selected as “designated center for Interventional Cardiology” by Interventional Cardiology Research Committee of the Korea Society of Cardiology. “Interventional Designation” is a system of reviewing and evaluating medical workforce and institutions to provide comprehensive and specialized medical service in interventional cardiology area. Dr. Won Heum Shim, Director of Sejong Heart Institute stated, “with this designation, Sejong Heart Institute has objectively proved its specialty and safety in providing service in interventional cardiology. This means a lot as to provide standards for patients of interventional cardiology in selecting a hospital with peace of mind,” that “SJH is to put its continuous efforts to provide care service with safety and trustworthy.”
6. Sejong General Hospital, designated Royal Hospital for King Seungki Lee?
An international patient ward of SJH was screened as the designated Royal Hospital of Korea at “The King 2 Hearts” of mini-series drama by MBC. Related personnel of broadcasting company conveyed that SJH has been selected due to its splendid and luxurious image of VVIP room integrates the image of royal hospital of Korea. For the shooting, main actors and actress like Seungki Lee, Jiwon Ha and Yoonji Lee gathered at Sejong General Hospital and exclaimed with the cozy and spacious VVIP room. The drama, with the setting of Korea as constitutional monarchy, romance between South Korea King and special force lady officer, is gaining popularity as top actor and actress Seungki Lee and Jiwon Ha stars.
7. Center for Global Health and Medicine, participated in biggest Global Healthcare Conference in Asia
Sejong General Hospital participated in Medical Korea 2012 Conference from April 17th to 19th.
At this Conference of Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference, as the biggest scale in Asia, Sejong General Hospital got attention from healthcare related personnel of CIS, Southeast Asia, and Mid East. Foreign healthcare related personnel, already familiar with the reputation of SJH as the heart specialty center, requested types of heart treatment and costs, treatment quality and care service. The conference, hosted by Ministry of Health and Welfare & Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and managed by KHIDI, gathered 700 healthcare related professionals from 36 countries.